The Crossroads for Women Emergency Fund Needs a Helping Hand

helping_handsWhat Do You Do When Unexpected

Expenses Arise?

Maybe you access your savings or rely on a credit card. But for some, financial help might not be as readily available in an emergency. Imagine this: You have just been released from jail; you’ve promised yourself, your family, your friends, your children that you’re going do better, make different choices, get the appropriate help. But, once you make up your mind to change your life, you realize you don’t have the finances needed to make it happen, and it’s a dreadful, helpless feeling. A strong will is definitely necessary to make those kinds of changes, motivation and determination as well, but one thing that is crucial in the process of self help is financial support.
Lack of funds can be detrimental for someone looking to better themselves. Not having that financial support to rely on can make all the difference between a successful recovery or not. That is why at Crossroads for Women, clients can access an Emergency Fund when faced with an unexpected expense. The women at Crossroads use the income they earn to pay for basic living necessities, such as food and rent, and the Emergency Fund is only available to them once per year, after they have exhausted all other income.
In the past, when clients needed to access the Emergency Fund to help defray emergency costs, the money was there. However, According to Sheila Ciminera, Case Management Coordinator at Crossroads for Women, “Currently the Emergency Fund is depleted. It’s been difficult because there are instances that arise that we cannot offer any assistance.”
Not only does the Emergency Fund provide a sense of security and relief for our clients, it also makes a huge difference in their recovery process. Currently, the average amount that a client can use is $35, but the organization would love to offer more, ideally around $50. Whether the funds are used to pay for transportation to an inpatient treatment center across the state or necessary medication needed to fight drug addiction, its availability is definitely necessary and appreciated.

If you are interested in donating to the Crossroads for Women Emergency Fund please contact Amanda Douglas for more information at:


OR, you can mail your donation to:

Crossroads for Women

805 Tijeras Ave. NW

Albuquerque, NM 87102

Please indicate “Emergency Fund” in the memo of your check.

Thank you for your support!

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