For 20 years, Crossroads for Women has empowered women to change their lives, lowering rates of recidivism while facilitating long term addiction and mental health recovery, ongoing employment and family reunification.

  • Just 9% of Crossroads for Women’s operating budget is spent on administrative management, including fundraising.
  • In New Mexico, 46% of incarcerated women will return to prison within three years.  Crossroads for Women’s holistic program addresses and lowers this rate.  In 2011 and 2012, just 12% of clients who entered the Crossroads for Women program returned to jail or prison.
  • Crossroads for Women provides comprehensive, direct services, including housing for 40% less than the average cost of incarceration.
  • After three months working with Crossroads for Women, 100% of non-disabled clients are employed, enrolled in vocational and educational programs, or both.