Board & Staff

Board of Directors

Bette Fleischman – President

Angelica Anaya-Allen – Vice President

Andrea Lohse – Secretary

Mary Malwitz – Treasurer

Virginia Fedderson

Kim Zamarin

CRFW Fundraising Committee

Fundraising Committee 2016Top left:  Eliza Exil, Ashley Taylor, Alissa Nelson, Carolyn Johnson

Bottom left:  Rachel McHugh, Leah Tiemann, Carrie Compton

Not pictured:  Dalilah Naranjo, Crystal Little, Monica Roybal, John Souza, Karen Hyzer.

FRC Liason to the Board of Directors:  Virginia Fedderson.

To contact staff at The Crossroads please call: (505) 242-1010.
To contact the staff at Maya’s Place please call: (505) 266-0110.
To contact staff at HOPE House please call: (505) 232-6611.
To contact staff at The Pavilions please call: (505) 865-2249.

CRFW Staff 3-2017

Crossroads for Women Staff

jennifergardnerJennifer Gardner, Chief Financial Officer, BS

 As the Chief Financial Officer at Crossroads Jennifer is responsible for the financial management of all grants, daily operations, contractual agreements and corporate compliance. She is a native of the southwest and has lived in Albuquerque for over 23 years. She holds a B.S. in Business Administration and brings over 25 years of nonprofit, government, and corporate business experience to her work, with an emphasis on operations and finance. She brings years of experience in social justice and community organizing and is passionate about the important work at Crossroads and related community organizations.

Heather Hawkins, Accounts Receivable and Billing Administrator, MA

Heather is a native New Mexican with an interest in social and policy issues affecting women and children. She has a M.A. degree in U.S. History from the University of New Mexico and is completing a PhD in U.S. legal and policy history from the University of Minnesota.  Heather came to Crossroads as a volunteer writer for the newsletter and fell so in love with the work she decided to join the team full time. In her role at Crossroads Heather is responsible for compliance requirements for our housing program, client files, facilities, office management, data management and many other administrative details.  She likes dinosaurs and spends her free time catering to the whims of her beloved dog.

Clarissa EarlClarissa Earl, Communication Coordinator, MA

A Pacific Northwest Native, Clarissa moved to New Mexico and joined the Crossroads family in 2016. She has an MA in Journalism from DePaul University and BA in English from Utah State University. In her role at Crossroads, Clarissa oversees all communication and marketing content, including the agency’s social media channels, website, and quarterly mailings. She is also responsible for on-boarding new staff members and providing administrative support to the Executive Director and CFO. Clarissa has always been drawn to work in the non-profit sector and is excited to be part of an organization dedicated to transforming individual lives in the community. In her free time, she enjoys doing freelance writing projects, finding new ways to incorporate green chile into her cooking, and spending quality time with her new husband and yellow lab puppy.

Lisa Isenberger Encore Fellow

Lisa Isenberger, Encore Fellow, BSEE

As an Encore Fellow, Lisa brings over 25 years of technical program management experience from Intel Corporation along with a proven track record of solving challenging business problems and leading through change. She came on board with the aim of strengthening the work being done in service to the mission of the organization through use of a structured approach to drive sustainable efficiency and effectiveness improvements as our agency experiences role transitions and expansion. Lisa strives to add value during her fellowship in a way that makes a lasting positive impact to others.  In her free time, she can often be found exploring the local bike trails or enjoying nature.

Dalilah Naranjo

Dalilah Naranjo, Community Engagement Coordinator, BA

As the Community Engagement Coordinator, Dalilah is responsible for the agency’s volunteer program, community outreach, special event coordination, recruiting and training community service workers, handling all in-kind donations, and serves as the Chair of the Crossroads for Women Fundraising Committee. She  started at Crossroads as a VISTA Volunteer through the AmeriCorps program and has a passion for ensuring that all women and children throughout the state have the equitable support needed to break the cycles of poverty, incarceration, and stigmatization. With a BA in Sociology from the University of New Mexico, she works to create solidarity in a community where a beautiful and celebrated life for each of our clients is possible.


Elizabeth Alonso, Clinical Director, The Crossroads, LISW 

Originally from Bogota, Colombia, Elizabeth studied for two years in New York before moving to Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2002. Elizabeth has over 20 years of experience working with families and individuals who have experienced trauma, substance abuse and mental health issues and have also been affected by poverty and other social issues.  Passionate about gender equality and gender specific approaches to treatment, Elizabeth believes “people and especially women don’t heal in isolation; we need the love, acceptance and embrace of family, friends and community.”  She has an MSW from NM State University and a BA in psychology from Universidad Santo Tomas, Colombia. Elizabeth is also a certified EMDR therapist.

Joe Puleo, Day Program Director, The Crossroads, MA 

Joe was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He moved to New Mexico via Colorado in 1999. Joe has a M.A. in counseling (Contemplative Psychotheraphy) from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. Joe’s motto: “Everyone is basically good”.  Joe facilitates, Recovery Group and Life Skills Group at The Crossroads and Relapse Prevention Group at Maya’s Place. He fields inquiries about the program and maintains the application waiting list.

Melvin Morfin, Vocational Coordinator, The Crossroads, MPA

A native New Mexican and Alumni from the University of New Mexico’s Anderson School of Management. I have worked for many years in the vocational setting, previously as a job developer and career development specialist; I supported individuals on reaching their educational goals and/or gaining employment.  Being a small part of one’s success is personally rewarding!!  As a father of a 6 yr old daughter, I look to forward to empowering and strengthening the support for the women in New Mexico.  I am honored to be a part of the crossroads family and look forward to acquiring as many opportunities and resources in the vocational domain for the women of crossroads.  I also look forward to the opportunity to learn from the resilient women at Crossroads.

deniseronquilloshirleyDenise Ronquillo-Shirley, Family Specialist, The Crossroads, BS

Denise is a native New Mexican and is passionate about partnering with women to break the cycles of poverty, substance abuse and domestic violence.  Denise holds a BS degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice and has years of experience advocating for children in foster care.  She is a Circle of Security ™ Early intervention Parent and Child facilitator and she believes random acts of kindness can spark positive changes in the lives of many and that no act is too small.  Denise and her husband have 3 children, 1 dog and 18 chickens.  Denise enjoys country life, hiking, gardening and spending time with family.

Dawn Cannon Dawn Cannon, Pathways Navigator, The Crossroads

As the Pathways Navigator, Dawn focuses on decreasing unmet needs by connecting women with resources that will improve quality of life for themselves and their families.  Supporting New Mexico women is Dawn’s passion.  She looks forward to coming to work and giving back in a meaningful way and hopes to connect each woman she encounters with meaningful opportunities.


Stacey Byard

Stacey Boone, Program Director, Maya’s Place, MS

Stacey was born in Pittsburgh, PA and moved to New Mexico with her family at the age of 6.  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Criminology, and a Masters in Criminal Justice.  Prior to joining the Crossroads team, Stacey worked directly in the criminal justice and corrections system.  She has over 5 years of experience working in behavioral health research and case management.  Stacey is “continually thankful for the opportunity to work with such amazing women and is inspired by their strength, resiliency and passion for life.”

ginaRegina Olguin-Jaramillo, Case Manager, Maya’s Place, BSW

Regina’s passion is encouraging and empowering women.   After raising 5 children and obtaining an Associate of Arts degree in Children, Youth, and Family studies at CNM, Regina went on to receive a Bachelors of Social Work degree from NM Highlands University.  A Recovering addict with over 25 years sobriety, Regina attributes her own success to second chances and an awesome support system.  She is loving life and living it to the fullest.


Jess Fulton, Vocational Coordinator, Maya’s Place & HOPE House, BA  

Jess was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts; and has roots there as well as in North Carolina, where her mother lives. Following her heart, Jess moved to New Mexico after graduating college in 2009 and it has become her home. Jess’s college degree was in Sociology, but her time in New Mexico has got her working on a degree in LIFE! She is eternally grateful for everything life offers, especially for her friends and for the expressive arts. Jess is honored to be working with Crossroads, a place that reflects her belief in everybody’s creativity and everybody’s ability to heal. Jess’s favorite part of her job is getting to know and laugh with the many volunteers who come through the door.

Cory Lee, Program Director, The Pavilions, MA

Cory Lee is the Program Director at The Pavilions, Crossroads’ newest therapeutic community in Los Lunas. Cory has over three years’ experience working with women dealing with issues including substance abuse, poverty, and domestic violence. She developed an interest in women’s issues after interviewing a number of women dealing with substance abuse while attending graduate school. Cory holds two Bachelor’s degrees from the University of New Mexico and a Master’s Degree from Columbia University.

Letta Kanapilly, Family Specialist, The Pavilions, BA

Letta was born in Philadelphia but moved to Albuquerque as a baby and grew up in the South Valley. She has a BA in Psychology and Biology from the University of Denver.  She has lived in Los Chavez for nineteen years where she raised her three awesome children. Being a single parent for sixteen years has made her especially proud of them since they are all now very bright, caring, hardworking young adults.  For over thirteen years, Letta has worked with families who have experienced difficulties and she loves to nurture children and parents and to witness them blossoming into happy, secure and confident people.

Ashley SenaAshley Sena, Case Manager, The Pavilions, AA

Ashley has lived in Albuquerque, NM for all of her life. She earned her Associate of the Arts and Human Services from Central New Mexico Community College in April of 2016. She is currently attending New Mexico Highlands University in pursuit of her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. A graduate of Crossroads for Women and recovering addict with 5 years sobriety, Ashley is deeply passionate and full of gratitude to be able to serve the women at The Pavilions in Los Lunas, NM.  The many great staff at Crossroads for Women inspired her to pursue a career in social work.

Julie King

Julie King, Residential Manager, The Pavilions

My name is Julie King and I am a Residential Manager for The Pavilions. I began as a Social Work intern at the Pavilions and have been with Crossroads since August. I am originally from Albuquerque, but now live in Los Lunas, NM and am currently attending ENMU for a Bachelors in Social Work.  I love being a part of this community and plan on continuing my education and hope to be involved with Crossroads forever! This is where my passion lies, right here with the women and with this organization.

Claudia Timmons

Claudia Timmons, Program Director, HOPE House, CCJA, CFAE

Claudia serves as the Program Director at HOPE House. She’s lived in Albuquerque for about 11 years and have worked with the underserved populations in various capacities during that time. She holds accreditation from the American College of Forensic Counselors – Certified Forensic Addictions Specialist and Certified Criminal Justice Addictions Specialist. Her hope is that she can always make a difference in peoples’ lives. She uses her personal journey to teach and guide, but mostly to be a role model, and show people that if she can do it they can do it.

 Tory Aragon, Case Manager, HOPE House

Tory was born in Winslow, AZ and lived there for the first several years of her life.  When Tory was 5, her family moved home to the Acoma Pueblo Reservation  located 60 miles West of Albuquerque along I-40, where she grew up with her parents and 9 brothers and sisters.

Tory formerly worked for an assisted living program associated with a hospital that provided treatment for men and women with addiction issues until it closed due to funding issues.  In 2012, Tory moved home to New Mexico to be closer to family.  She is currently living in Albuquerque and is very happy to be back in the field she loves, working as a case manager.

Mary Rose Nichols, Clinician, HOPE House, LCSW

Mary Rose is very new to New Mexico, from Minnesota via Oregon.  She has many years of experience in social work with a focus on addictions and is pleased to be part of Crossroads for Women.  She performs various clinical responsibilities and leads client groups at Maya’s Place on Mindfulness Meditation, Seeking Safety and Yes I can. She enjoys walking all over ABQ, hiking, x-country skiing, reading, listening to live music and exploring her new home.  She lives with her spouse and dog Ruby who is hoping to meet all of the women (dog, not spouse!).