Let’s show you some facts first:

  • More than 50% of prison and jail inmates meet criteria for mental health problems
  • 60% meet criteria for substance abuse problems
  • 33% meet the criteria for both

For women in these criteria, or in an abusive relationship, without any type of intervention their lives will continue in a downhill spiral, as well as taking their children on a ride that will negatively affect them for the rest of their lives.

Crossroads for Women is not just counseling, not just rehabilitation, not just housing, and not just support, but a combined and individualized program to help women and their families break that cycle.

We get to the heart of what women need to transform their lives.

Maya’s Place

Tracy, Jess, Josephine

At Maya’s Place, women released from jail or prison receive six months of structured treatment. Our rules and discipline in a community living program create structure from formerly chaotic lives.

The safe and nurturing environment creates the knowledge for these women that they have the support they need for their future.

In addition, Maya’s Place graduates share their stories with current live-ins. They know they aren’t alone and that others have taken this difficult road and changed their lives successfully.

The Crossroads

At The Crossroads, women escaping abusive relationships and graduates from Maya’s Place receive two years of support in The Crossroads housing community.

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